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Brexit: Agreement between Switzerland and the UK on citizens’ rights

On 6.12.2019, the Federal Council adopted the dispatch on the agreement guaranteeing the existing rights of Swiss and UK citizens after the withdrawal of the UK from the EU. Under the agreement, Swiss and British citizens will keep the rights obtained in Switzerland or the UK based on the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons (AFMP) with the European Union. When approved by the Parliament, the agreement will come into force once the AFMP between Switzerland and the UK is no longer applicable. Should the UK leave the EU without a withdrawal agreement, the agreement on citizens’ rights will apply provisionally.


SFI Master Classes and SFI Knowledge exchange seminars

In 2019, the Swiss Financial Institute (SFI) launched SFI Master Classes, a comprehensive variety of courses for experienced specialists and managers from the financial industry, and especially from the banking world. Master Classes are intensive learning units structured in the form of half-day course led by accredited SFI professors and subject matter experts. They are free of charge for employees of companies affiliated with the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) and offer credit points also for re-certification of the SAQ Certificates for client advisers.

While Master Classes are open to a wide audience, SFI Knowledge Exchange Seminars are dedicated to a more restricted audience only upon invitation. They bring together SFI professors and practitioners active in the Swiss banking and finance industry and offer more in-depth discussion of specific topics.

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About the SFI:

Mandated by the Swiss financial sector and the Swiss Confederation, the Swiss Finance Institute’s mission is to grow knowledge capital for the Swiss financial marketplace to further strengthen its position as a leading financial center. The SFI presently ranks among the top ten finance institutes worldwide and among the top three in Europe. After graduation, about 50% of SFI graduates go to work for the financial industry in Switzerland, and most of them move into banking. The institute was founded in 2009.


Job registration requirement from 2020

In December 2019, the Federal Department of Economic Affairs (EAER) published the official list of occupation types to be registered for 2020. The respective document and further information can be found at the website of (see link at the bottom). There you can also check whether your vacancy is subject to the job registration requirement.

From 1.1.2020, the threshold for occupations that have to be registered will be lowered to a national unemployment rate of 5%. According to the EAER, in view of the current low unemployment rate, the number of vacancies to be registered is unlikely to increase, despite the lowering of the threshold.


Switzerland - 2020 work-permit quotas set

As every year, the Federal Council sets quotas for the number of Swiss work visas it issues to citizens outside the EU and EFTA. The 2020 quotas will remain the same as in 2019, maintaining the quota of 8’500 permits. The Swiss government also confirmed an earlier decision to issue 3’500 visa for British workers in the event of a no-deal Brexit situation. After having increased the quotas in 2019 due to labour shortages and to respond to business demands for greater access to skilled workers, the Federal Council has decided to maintain the same quotas for 2020.

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